Universal Free Fall Winch has been a locally owned Australian manufacturer of premium free fall anchor winch solutions since 2007. Their uniquely designed free fall anchor winch is an industry leader in reliability and construction quality.

Owner and operator, Harry Xydias had changed numerous winches of all different sizes during his many years of fishing expeditions, but couldn’t find an ideal model that eliminated all of the spooling and anchoring problems arising.

So Harry decided to invent a solution to solve the problem, employing all of his fishing experience and striving to make it easy for anyone to use an anchor winch.

Harry devoted five years of his life designing and creating the Universal Free Fall Winch, engineering each model to anchoring perfection.


Because you deserve to enjoy every minute spent with your boat.

Struggling with rope and chain, poor anchoring and drifting off the “spot” is no longer a part of boating. Time on the water is precious, so maximise your enjoyment with perfect spooling, no jams and incredible ease of use to drop anchor perfectly every time.

Watch Anchoring Perfection

The Universal Free Fall Winch comes with a 10 year structural guarantee. We guarantee all our products are built with high quality materials and engineered without compromise. You’ll discover this too, well beyond 10 years of perfect anchoring.